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Legend of the Poinsettia...

The Poinsettia comes from Mexico.  According to the legend, Maria and Pablo, siblings, were very poor.  They were on their way to a Christmas Eve festival and couldn't afford to bring a gift.  They stopped along the road and gathered a bouquet of weeds.  As they arrived at the festival, other children began to make fun and pick on Maria and Pablo because of the weeds they brought.  But the two loved the Christ Child so much, they had to bring a gift.  They laid their bouquet beside the manger, the poinsettia plants burst into brilliant red blossoms.

The Language of the Season...

To communicate your greetings during this season, a guide for flowers specific to this season is provided below.



Fern-  magic

Ivy- friendship, fidelity



Calla-  beauty

Carnation-  fascination, pride

Chrysanthemum- joy, long life, you are a great friend

Daisy-  loyal love

Gerbera-  cheerfulness

Rose, red- love

          tea-  I'll always remember

          pale pink- joy

          coral- desire

Statice-  remembrance


White- purity, peace

Red-  blood of Christ

Green-  everlasting, eternal life

Gold or silver-  star of Bethlehem

Blue-  the Virgin Mary

Holiday Cheer... 


The holiday season can seem rushed and overwhelming at times.  Not to worry!  We can help. If you need a gift or just want to remember someone, flowers can do the trick.

Give us a call for your holiday well wishes!




Date night tonight...


Happy Birthday...

     Just because I care...

Welcome home...


In remembrance...


What will you say to the ones you love?

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